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North Pole

It is much more strong that the sun. 4.Os princes if show great in its covered carts: The princes in the land are known by its covered carts, mainly in festive days, where they pass ahead publish of it in its covered carts. the covered cart of God which is? (v.3) You take clouds for your car and fly in the wings of the wind. God a time went down in a cloud to bring the law Israel, in the Sinai mount and another time in the Tabor mount to proclaim the Evangelho. (TM 17,5) it still Said, when cloud involved a luminous them; here it is, come of the cloud, a voice that said: This is my loved Son, in who me comprazo; it heard. 5.Os princes if show great for the people who are to its service: The princes in the land walk escorted, surrounded of guard coasts. They are protected by armored vehicles, helicopters and shooters of the elites since the heights. Here, Dalton Caldwell expresses very clear opinions on the subject.

God makes of the angels its servers and quick messengers of the highest efficiency. (v.4) You make your angels winds and your ministers, fire flares. II? The ORGANIZATION IN the CREATION OF the salmista NATURE 1.O speaks of the Bedding of the land: (v.5) You launched the beddings of the land, so that it not vacile in time none. Its bases are invisible and are extended on the nothing. (J 26,7) It extends the north on the emptiness and makes to hang the land on the nothing. To weigh of the badness that was placed in the land for the Devil the land continues firm. The Tsunami and the Earthquake in the Sumatra they had made with that the North Pole if dislocated 2,5 centimeters in the direction 145 degrees east. 2.O salmista speaks of the Limits of the sea: (v.9) You put to the waters divided that they will not exceed, so that they do not become to cover the land.

The Man

Later, submitted to the general conditions of the human knowledge, it could imagine that the world was small of more to its return. However, badly one consists, it always tended to englobar in its constructions and its conquests the totality of the system that it it arrived to conceive. Personalismo and Universalismo.' ' (CHARDIN, 1970:324) happiness and peace, for this saw, is accessible to man, still during its life biological, since that it obtains to walk inside of limits established for God of its faith and for good-practical of religion that he professes, because he will finish for leading to the tranquilidade spiritual that he provokes, exactly, a harmony and balance, well-being sensation. if Christ, while God of the Christians, is the reference that in the culture occidental person if comes defending, equally the God of other great religions must be reverenciado for that same religions profess these. The happiness and the peace of the peoples pass, necessarily, for the dialogue Inter-religions, the understanding of the values of each one, in the respect, the submission and the worship that will be able to lead, in a not yet foreseen time, to a universal God only of all the humanity.

7. Conclusive summary the man, superior illuminated, stimulated for one another feeling, that it he is exclusive and it constitutes a privilege, it is successful, finally, the drama, the anguish, the suffering and the uncertainty when, invoking the divine aid, and tranquilidade sensation invades it to a hope and frees of that discomfort. He is this superior man, generated and created to the image and similarity of its God and in the rules of its religion, that if determines in function of the being the holy ghost justifies that it. The Man of this new century, independently of its politician-philosophical and religious certainties, does not have that if to submit to any complexes and/or preconceptions to reveal, freely, its thought concerning a subject, for very prudish that it can be.

Faith in Life

The FAITH AS MAINTENANCE OF the LIFE For Joo Antonio Coutinho Everything of good in the necessary life of maintenance to continue functioning, the corporeal properties (financial situation), the sentimental goods spirituals (Faith in God, mainly, and in the life) and goods (love, happiness, friendship, etc.). Filed under: Sarah Raskin. Some thing alone survives in function of another one, nobody survives alone, always depends on some thing. The love also is thus, can until thinking that in this direction the love is conditional, but the true one is unconditional, however, it only survives to the measure that has reciprocity. All these goods, together result in the happiness (Faith = love, friendship, financial situation etc.), but one of them (financial situation), used in wrong way finish weakening all the others, ace times, until destroying. ' ' F' ' he is the only one of the goods that needs more attention, since it is it bridge that in the league the God. Nor all know that the maintenance of our lives is made for ours ' ' F' ' , because many only believe the immediate one, that is, in what it is practical, that it is made in the accurate hour.

They do not understand that everything has its time, and it is determined by God. However, it has people that they do not wait for God, finding that they go to obtain, and worse it is that many times obtain, but, in missed way, contrary of what is allowed by the Father. Such conquests do not last much time, tend to disappear in the same way that they had been obtained or of another form. Therefore, ' ' F' ' in God it is the only way for which we can in accordance with be happy its will, valley to stand out that we need to search the happiness for the work, the study, the love, but before this, we have that to have ' ' F' ' , I know that due to these activities to the times we do not have time to go the mass, or cult, or something it type, only depends on us. A time I spoke for somebody, that God in the ones of the o land so that let us can construct a way until It. The problem is that it has people that uses this land stops another way that is not the God. At last, it has ' ' F' '.

Gethsemane Pray

Here are six things you can put to work to develop a true prayer life. 1. But you should pray with other believers, you should adopt the habit of spending time alone with God. No two people will come to know well unless you spend enough time alone. They must also be true in the case of getting to know God's voice. But when you pray, go into your room and shut the door, pray to thy Father in secret (Matthew 6:6).

I think so he could be alone with God, Peter went to the roof to pray. The next day, as they were on the road and were approaching the city, Peter went to the roof to pray (Acts 10:9). The Lord When Jesus was on earth, took the time to be alone to pray to the Father. To be distanced from those with whom he was very close (the twelve apostles) to pray to his Father, being alone with him. In those days he went to pray, and spent the night praying to God (Luke 6:12). Again we read: Then cometh Jesus with them unto a place called Gethsemane, and said to his disciples, "Sit here while I go and pray (Matthew 26:36).

2. Do not forget the prayer that Jesus told you to do because it is a mandate for the Christian life of prayer. Now you pray: Our Father which art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done as in heaven and in earth.

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